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Reverse Energy Consulting , is a full-service energy procurement and management firm specializing in electric and natural gas supply procurement for commercial, industrial, and government organizations. We help companies, such as yours, implement strategies to control and reduce energy costs. As a leader in electric and gas brokerage in the United States, Reverse Energy Consulting manages an array of large volume transactions and clients and has successfully secured competitive supply arrangements for our customers.

We provide our clients with peace of mind and the information necessary to make a well thought out decision. We help you select a buying strategy personally fit for your consumption profile, as well as your short and long-term business needs. Reverse Energy Consulting’s executives will make you there utmost priority from initial contact to securing an energy contract for your company. We are a name you can trust and depend upon, to get the job done and take care of your needs and wants throughout the whole procurement process.

Thank you for choosing Reverse Energy Consulting for all of you energy procurement needs. As a valued client we expect to meet and beat your highest expectations. We pride ourselves in repeat customers and customer retention. Based on the ease and efficiency of our procurement process, client savings and carbon emission reductions achieved there’s only one place called home. Welcome to the family.

Our History

Mr. Marc Allen Lieberman founded Reverse Energy Consulting in 2009. After 15 years of being a successful regional and national energy manager on the supply side of major suppliers like Energy Savings Corp. ,Spark Energy and Just Energy. Mr. Lieberman decided to take his expertise and start Reverse Energy Consulting. As a valued professional at the fore-mentioned firms Mr. Lieberman has gained the experience necessary to be able to navigate his clients through supplier agreements, options, prices and terms with the largest energy firms in the nation. The foundation was built in the corporate environment where demands were met and objectives achieved. Bringing his knowledge to clients has become a major asset for them personally and for the company’s they represent. Mr. Lieberman finds it is easy to bond with clients based on truth, knowledge, expertise and perseverance . That’s the basis on which all our clients are gained. Mr. Lieberman is nationally certified through the Building Performance Institute as a building analyst. BPI certified professionals are in demand now more than ever before. In fact, almost all state-run energy efficiency and weatherization assistance programs demand BPI credentials Mr. Lieberman’s superior building and energy efficiency knowledge coupled with 15 years of supply side management gives his clients the peace of mind they desire.

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